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Dental Hygiene

Experience the Pearly Whites Laser Dentistry difference in your regular care appointments! What can you expect in a dental hygiene visit? Not your typical “teeth cleaning!”

Our diode laser has widespread applications, including promoting tissue healing, stimulating cell growth and regeneration, reduction of bleeding and inflammation, reduction of pain and swelling, stimulation of nerve function, decontamination of bacteria, bone regeneration, desensitization, and infection removal, among many others! On each hygiene visit, the laser is used under the gum tissue to painlessly decontaminate the pockets around your teeth. This prevents the bacteria from entering your bloodstream or spreading around your mouth. In traditional dentistry, bacterial levels under the surface and in the blood cannot be controlled in this manner.

Each hygiene (or “teeth cleaning”) visit will also include certain diagnostic procedures. We utilize all digital radiography, meaning up to 80% less radiation exposure when compared to traditional radiography, providing you with a safer dental experience. These radiographs aid us in detecting cavities in the spaces between the teeth where we cannot see, evaluating your bone health surrounding the teeth, and diagnosing infection. Spectra Fluorescence Caries Detection Aid System by Air Techniques is used to capture the fluorescing decay bacteria in the grooves of the teeth in photos. You also receive a full mouth periodontal assessment and oral cancer screening. Why are these important? Early detection saves lives! Many systemic issues or diseases show early signs in the mouth; we take care to treat the “whole person!” Your periodontal assessment will allow us to detect areas of inflammation or gingivitis up to diagnosing bone loss and infection. We take care to educate our patients on their unique needs and effects of the oral-systemic link.

After diagnostic procedures, the calculus hard deposits (or tartar) on your teeth is removed with the aid of an ultrasonic scaler. The combination of water power and vibrations effectively removes hard and soft deposits, flushes out toxins and bacterial byproducts, and oxygenates and stimulates the tissues. Although it is a highly effective tool, it does not remove one hundred percent of all deposits. Its use is followed by hand scaling to “fine tune” and smooth out all surfaces. Your hygiene visit ends by cleaning your tooth surfaces with a fine polish. This removes surface stains and plaque, giving you that perfect Pearly Whites smile!

Come visit us at Pearly Whites Laser Dentistry for your thoughtful and thorough “teeth cleaning.” We will meet and exceed all of your dental hygiene needs!

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