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Fillings & Tooth Decay

It is almost certain everyone will have to deal with the most basic of dental maladies – Tooth Decay, which is one of the most infectious diseases we share with our family, children and loved ones. If left unaddressed, tooth decay can cause widespread damage, pain, or tooth ache. Fortunately, since they are such a common issue, dental technology and procedure is quite advanced in dealing with these unwanted enamel and dentin destructions.

But first, let’s think of your teeth as tires, and flat tires as decay. At every dentist before your care here with Dr. Tess and her team at Pearly Whites Laser Dentistry previously only looked for “flat tires” and offered to fix them.

At Pearly Whites Laser Dentistry, we are committed to “Sweeping the Nails and Glass Out of Your Driveway,” so you STOP getting flat tires in the first place! We want to decrease your risk of decay through the use of an at-home care system called Carifree (www.carifree.com). This system is comprised of a treatment rinse, a maintenance rinse and a special toothpaste, all of which are prescription strength. It changes your biofilm, or the environment in your mouth, from being filled with acid-loving, decay-causing bacteria to a balance of healthy bacteria, thus preventing decay of your teeth. Carifree can stop the legacy of tooth decay in your family.

In addition, Dr. Tess uses Lasers, not drills, to remove the decayed portion of the affected tooth. Drills cause heat and friction, which can crack the healthy, remaining enamel and cause the patient pain, which is why patients typically need a shot prior to the procedure. Also, drills do not kill bacteria during the preparation of the tooth. Dental Lasers, on the other hand, decontaminate and kill bacteria during preparation of the tooth needing to be filled. The Lares Powerlase AT Laser used by Dr. Tess is a Water Cutting Laser and is NOT a hot laser. Many of Dr. Tess’ patients have their fillings restored without shots or rubber dams. She describes this laser to be similar to a microscopic Power Washer, where water & light cut and disinfects of the tooth being prepared for a filling, and does so with little to no pain, naturally. When tooth decay is being removed with the Lightwalker AT Laser ( cutting with water and killing the bacteria ) the Spectra can be used to be sure that all of the decay has been removed in the tooth preparation. It also prevents further damage to your teeth by avoiding older, more traditional techniques that puncture the enamel with a metal explorer tool and spread infected bacteria through your mouth, as occurs in traditional diagnosis. If a patient does not need a shot for numbing, which is most often the case at Pearly Whites Laser Dentistry, many fillings can be treated throughout the patient’s mouth all at once, saving their precious time at the dentist. And, if you are not numb, you can feel where your teeth are biting, alleviating the need for a return visit to fix a “high spot” (which is painful and inconvenient) on your filling. So, after having fillings done, you can go about your day and eat right away because you are not numb.

At Pearly Whites Laser Dentistry in Tacoma, we do NOT have silver/mercury fillings in our office. Only tooth colored, non-mercury fillings are placed in our patients’ mouths.

Learn more about Laser prepared fillings and the Carifree System and how they can change your experience at the dentist! Contact Pearly Whites Laser Dentistry today!

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