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Laser Dentistry

Imagine going to the Dentist and not having the dentist poke your teeth with an explorer or a pick to see if you have a cavity. First, you are worried that the pick is going to slip and stab you or it could even break off in your tooth. Second, have you ever considered the fact that a hole is being made in your tooth that germs can enter, and bacteria can infect? This can further spread from tooth to tooth! These are a couple reasons why we believe so strongly in Laser Dentistry.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Spectra (Intra Oral Camera) by Air Techniques is used to capture the fluorescing decay bacteria in the grooves of the teeth in photos. When tooth decay is being removed with the Lightwalker AT Laser which cuts with water and kills the bacteria, the Spectra can be used to ensure that all of the decay has been removed in the tooth preparation.

Imagine having the bacteria painlessly killed in the pockets around your teeth before the tartar and calculus is scraped off. Usually, the tartar is scraped off and then your gums are sore the next two days! Killing the bacteria with lasers is a less painful way to prepare the tooth for a filling.

With Laser Dentistry we use a Diode Laser and painlessly decontaminate the pockets around your teeth to prevent the bacteria from going into your bloodstream. Did you know that the bacterial plaque on your teeth is found to be the same bacterial plaque found in hearts with heart disease? When we remove that bacterial plaque before removing the tartar on your teeth we decrease the soreness typically experienced, as well as contribute to your heart’s long health.

Imagine having laser light & water cutting the decay out of your teeth, in most cases without a shot! Instead of a painful drill that heats up, grinds and causes micro fractures in your enamel, Laser Dentistry provides a nearly painless experience. Not to mention the clamp and rubber dam (ouch!) and being numb for hours. Also, not knowing where your teeth bite after the filling is done because you are numb, you now have to go back to the dentist and waste more time because your tooth is high and it has to be drilled again! We believe in Laser Dentistry because it avoids the pain and achieves excellent results.

Our Laser Dental treatments also use an Erbium laser that activates a fine stream of room temperature water and light to cut the decay out of your tooth much like a microscopic power washer. Most folks don’t need a shot unless they are sensitive to water when the laser is used to remove decay.

This treatment also decontaminates the tooth preparation (killing the decay causing bacteria) to prevent the tooth from re-decaying under the new filling.

When you think painless, think of Doctor Tess as your Laser Dentist.

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