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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease is treated by incorporating lasers to kill the pathology & bad bacteria in the pockets, remove the infected tissues, and bio-stimulate the healthy tissues to grow. We have seen many patients who were referred to the Periodontist for surgery, and with our Perio-laser Therapy eliminated the need for surgery.

The Laser Bio-stimulation during therapy increases healing, decreases discomfort and stimulates bone and soft tissues to grow back and regenerate. Many people are referred to the Periodontist by their Primary Care Dentist because they have been diagnosed with Periodontal Disease, Gum Disease or Pyorrhea. This is a disease which infects the gums and bone that support and hold the teeth in your head. This disease is caused by Pathologic bacteria in the Biofilm of the infected pockets around your teeth. Healthy pockets are measured in millimeters and are 1-3 mm, diseased pockets are 4 mm and higher. Your toothbrush, if angled properly toward your gums, barely cleans the pockets around your teeth. Therefore, diseased gums with 4mm + cannot be cleaned out by brushing, allowing for the pathologic bacteria to fester.

Periodontal Disease, without treatment, can lead to the loss of bone and gum tissues, and tooth loss.

Symptoms include:

Bleeding Gums
Red Swollen, Tender Gums
“Long Teeth” with Sensitive Roots
Persistent Bad Breath

Loose Teeth Contributing Factors:

Tobacco Use
Medications; Steroids, some Anti-Epilepsy Drugs, Cancer Therapy Drugs, some Calcium Channel Blockers
Diabetes, Heart Disease
Pregnancy, Changes in Hormonal Levels

Current research suggests there may be a link between Periodontal Disease and other diseases that affect the entire body. Studies have found links between Heart Problems, Stroke and Diabetes and Periodontal Disease. Let us be your Peridontist, and improve your overall health and well being!

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